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Essential Tips to Prevent Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Jun 5, 2024 | Uncategorized

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Our team of carpet cleaning professionals witnesses numerous carpets and the common mistakes homeowners make while cleaning them. We’ve compiled a list of top four such errors for you to avoid.

Undervaluing Regular Vacuuming

No doubt, you understand that vacuuming is a crucial part of maintaining a clean home, but do you know why it’s so vital and how frequently should you be doing it? Vacuuming your carpet helps eliminate the dirt and grime. If left for long, this dirt can cause harm to your carpet, reducing its lifespan. Further, carpets trap dirt and dust from the air, preventing them from circulating within your home. However, if your carpets accumulate too much dirt, they can no longer trap the dust effectively which can adversely affect your indoor air quality.

We suggest a minimum of weekly vacuuming for all carpets in your home. If you have pets, children, or wear shoes indoors, you should consider vacuuming more often to maintain cleanliness.

Neglecting Protection for High-Traffic Areas

Consider your regular movement pattern throughout the home. Surely, there must be areas where you tread more frequently like hallways, the entryway, and around furniture. These spaces need extra attention due to the heavy traffic. You can protect and prolong the life of these areas by placing a rug. If you already have one, rotating it regularly can help distribute the wear evenly.

If using a rug is not feasible, ensure you vacuum these areas frequently. We also provide a carpet protectant service that adds a protective layer to your carpet, helping it to resist stains from high foot traffic areas.

Mistreating Spots And Stains

In case of a spill on your carpet, you might instinctively start scrubbing it with a towel. But, such harsh action can cause the stain to penetrate deeper and spread further. Instead, gently dab the stains with a white cloth as colored or patterned ones might transfer dye to the carpet.

If blotting doesn’t remove the stain, it’s time to call professional carpet cleaners in Upland/Rancho, like Golden State Chem-Dry. We’ve seen countless DIY stain removal attempts go wrong, leading to permanent carpet damage. It’s best to leave difficult stains to professionals for effective removal.

Skipping Professional Cleanings

Even if you vacuum regularly and promptly handle spills, it doesn’t suffice to keep your carpet in top condition. Your vacuum cleaner can only clean the top layer of the carpet, leaving the deeper layers untouched. Over time, dirt and dust unseen by the vacuum embed near the carpet backing, causing it to appear dull and matted. Professional cleaning services are the only ones capable of deep cleaning your carpets to remove this embedded grime.

If you’re guilty of any of the mentioned cleaning mistakes, our expert carpet cleaning team in Upland/Rancho can help prevent the further damage to your carpets and increase their lifespan. Contact us at (909) 982-9999 to get started.

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