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Make Carpet And Furniture Cleaning Part Of Your Holiday Prep

Nov 1, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning, Healthy Home, Upholstery Cleaning

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The weather is starting to cool and the holidays are quickly approaching. There are several tasks to consider as you prepare for the holidays and the colder weather that often accompanies this time of year. So why put cleaning your furniture and carpets on the ever-growing list? 


We’re glad you asked! There are several benefits you and your loved ones can enjoy this winter when you utilize carpet and furniture cleaning. Here are just a few reasons why this service truly can help this be the most wonderful time of the year. 


Why Clean Your Furniture and Carpets Each Winter? 

This is a more obvious one, but for starters, furniture and carpet cleaning help your home look its absolute best in time for guests to arrive! However, this isn’t the only reason you should make these services a priority in winter. 


When you enlist the help of Golden State Chem-Dry, you can enjoy several added benefits that only our carpet and furniture cleaning methods can bring. We also help protect your carpet and upholstery surfaces against increased traffic and susceptibility to stains.


Our stain protectant is applied during the cleaning process. It works by adding a powerful barrier between stains and your soft furniture or carpet fibers. It repels liquid and dirt and is especially beneficial when you and your loved ones spend more time together indoors. Muddy boots and holiday punch are no match for Chem-Dry stain protectant!


There are also some significant health benefits with Chem-Dry carpet and furniture cleaning, too. The surfaces of your furniture and carpet hold onto dust and allergens and spread them around your home via hands, the air you breathe, and more. So neglecting professionals cleanings can put you at risk. But the good news is, Golden State Chem-Dry has an impressively effective solution!


Chem-Dry furniture and carpet cleaning not only helps your home look amazing, but eliminates dangerous allergens and dust in the process. In fact, we remove allergens from carpet and upholstery and airborne dust from your home. 


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga, CA 

It’s time to deck the halls and that includes furniture and carpet cleaning with Golden State Chem-Dry! We’ll help you get your home winter-ready, whether there is snow or not, so you can enjoy the holiday season with the peace of mind that a clean, healthy home brings. 


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