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Even if you can’t see it with the naked eye, the couch is typically the dirtiest spot in the home. And this isn’t the only reason upholstery cleaning in Fontana is so crucial. 

So the next time you deep clean your home, remember the need to enlist the help of an upholstery cleaner in Fontana


The Risks Of Dirty Upholstery 

Think of your couch and other furniture like giant filters that trap whatever comes their way—like dust, dirt, allergens, particles, stains, pet hair and dander, and even chemicals in the air. Not only are these hazards transferred to our bodies, but into the air we breathe, too. 

With how quickly dirt and dust accumulate on furniture, it can be surprising how infrequently many people think to deep clean these surfaces. They may not realize that dirty furniture could be what’s triggering allergies, allergens, and more. 


How Often Should You Clean Your Furniture? 

It’s clear to see that on a daily basis, your couches are filling up with some pretty nasty things. It’s also understandable how DIY and professional upholstery cleaning in Fontana are so important. 

On a weekly basis, vacuum your furniture—including underneath the cushions. Spot clean upholstery as stains occur and do your best to keep your furniture in good shape. 

Also keep in mind that in addition to your own routine maintenance, you should have a visit from an upholstery cleaner in Fontana at least once—if not twice—a year. 


Upholstery Cleaning In Fontana 

It matters to keep up with your own routine cleaning, and to enlist the help of your local Chem-Dry upholstery cleaner in Fontana to blast away dirt, dust, and allergens trapped deep down in your furniture. 

Our team is equipped with the best methods and products to treat your furniture and even help it repel future stains after our visits. 

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