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How to Avoid the Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Rug Cleaning

Apr 2, 2024 | Uncategorized

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If your house is adorned with rugs, you’ve likely invested a great deal of time and money to find the perfect one. Perhaps it’s a cherished family heirloom or a memento of an unforgettable trip. The question is, is your cleaning technique for your Oriental rugs causing them harm and potentially reducing their lifespan? Ensuring your beloved rug’s longevity through appropriate cleaning is vital in maintaining its beautiful pattern and the strength of its weave. Instead of risking potential damage to its fragile structure by attempting to clean it yourself, trust the experts for Oriental rug cleaning.

5 Mistakes to Steer Clear of During DIY Oriental Rug Cleaning

Several problems can arise from DIY rug cleaning, commonly stemming from a lack of professional expertise and equipment. Here are some of the issues you will evade by opting for an experienced, professional rug cleaning service like Golden State Chem-Dry of Upland/Rancho to ensure your rug stays in the best condition:

Dye Bleeding

It might be challenging to know exactly what types of dyes were used in your Oriental rug’s manufacturing. Consequently, selecting the right cleaning agent can be tricky. Using a generic cleaner on rugs with specific dyes could lead to the colors bleeding into each other, completely fizzling out the rug’s allure.

Color Fading

Fading is a popular issue linked to off-the-shelf stain removers. Many of these solutions contain harsh chemicals like bleach, too abrasive for Oriental rugs. Unfortunately, these products often result in fading, exacerbating the spot or stain instead of resolving it.

Excessive Dampness

Excessive dampness is another common concern with DIY rug cleaning. Many homeowners believe they must drench their rugs to eliminate detergents and embedded dirt from the fibers completely. However, high moisture levels can spell disaster for Oriental rugs as it encourages mold and mildew growth.

Harming Delicate Fibers

Your rug’s delicacy depends on the types of fibers it’s composed of, how these fibers are woven, and the rug’s age. Aggressively removing dust and dirt could cause irreversible damage to these fibers and diminish their lifespan.

Substandard Cleaning

To avoid injuring the fibers, some homeowners gently clean their Oriental rugs, resulting in an ineffective cleaning that barely removes the grime. This not only reduces the rug’s visual appeal but also the residual dirt creates friction between the rug’s fibers causing further damage.

About Golden State Chem-Dry of Upland/Rancho’s Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

When you entrust Golden State Chem-Dry of Upland/Rancho with your Oriental rug, you can dismiss the worries mentioned above. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are taking the necessary measures to extend your cherished rug’s life and aesthetic appeal.

Our experts have vast knowledge dealing with a variety of rugs and will establish the best individual treatment for your specific rug. During a home visit to analyze your rug, we will identify the construction materials and weaving style. Regardless of whether your rug is synthetic or natural, you can trust our certified, well-trained specialists to provide the care it needs.

Our analysis will help us determine whether your rug requires a special deep cleaning process off-site or can be cleaned at your home. Our gentle cleaning methods will eradicate dust, dust mites, and encrusted dirt and soil, all while preserving the rug’s vivid color patterns, restoring its vibrancy.

Find out about our dependable Oriental rug cleaning process today! Avoid DIY cleaning risks; give us a call at (909) 982-9999 to preserve your rugs.

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